Need to incorporate healthy habits in our daily life in order to prepare the cancer.

It is the set of actions that can be realized in order to diminish the incidence and/or mortality for cancer.

It has the following targets:

Decrease of the incidence: about 50 % of the cancers can be avoided by healthy life habits.
Decrease of the mortality: a decrease of the mortality is obtained if the cancer is detected in its earliest stages and simpler and effective specific treatments are applied.
The Primary Prevention is the set of actions directed to modify the slightly healthy habits of the population towards more suitable others. With this it becomes possible to prevent the risk factors from acting on a concrete organ and causing in him alterations that could generate a cancer. So that a person modifies a habit a series of steps is necessary:

That possesses sufficient and truthful information about a factor of risk.
That takes conscience of the risk that supposes maintaining the above mentioned habit.
That takes the decision to modify it or to avoid contacted with him.
That maintains over the course of time the change of behavior.
This is obtained offering information to the population across campaigns and carrying out educational programs for the Health in which he becomes aware and helps the person to adopt and maintain healthy life habits. The main target is the sensitization of the population.

The Secondary Prevention is the group of actions directed to detect precozmente certain malignant tumors. This set of actions is named screening programs or sifted.

Every program is characterized by a series of factors:

It must go directed to detect precozmente a concrete tumor. This tumor must be able to diagnose well in the most precocious phases of the illness or in premalignant phases or in both circumstances.
It is necessary to determine what healthy population has more risk of developing the above mentioned cancer.
There must exist a test that detects it of simple form.
It is necessary that effective treatment exists for the early phases of the illness.
The target of the Secondary Prevention is to diminish the predominance, to avoid the aftermath, to improve the prognosis and to diminish the mortality valuations.

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The excess weight and the obesity in Spain constitute an increasing sanitary problem both in the adult population and in the infantile and juvenile one.

Relation excess weight – cancer: the excess weight is a risk factor at a level of convincing scientific evidence with regard to the development and growth of certain malignant tumors like that of breast in women after the menopause, colorrectal, endometrio (womb) and kidney.

How to control the weight?

Some persons have tendency to gain weight but this tendency she turns out to be increased by the type of diet and by the stagnation. It is advisable therefore:

It balances the calories that you consume with the physical activity that you realize throughout the day.
You must bear in mind the type and the quantity of meal that you consume. If it is a question of a diet in which you include certain food in inadequate proportions, you must modify it towards a more healthy boss. No food, for itself, is harmful while you complete it in the suitable quantities.
The fats and the carbohydrates provide energy to the organism (this energy measures itself in calories). The fats provide the calories double that the carbohydrates (they fatten the double), therefore it is important to reduce the ingestion of food rich in fats.
To know if you are in the suitable weight, he calculates your index of corporal mass (IMC):

These values must not be applied definitely in children and adolescents, before any doubt it always consults your doctor.

Recommendations to maintain or to reduce the weight

If you want to lose the first weight consult with your doctor.
So that it does not harm the health, the loss of weight has to be a custom.
It chooses well the type of food that you are going to eat. The food low in fat is advisable and poor in sugar.
It replaces food rich in fats (bakery, greasy cheeses…) with fruits, vegetables, cereals, vegetables, or skimmed dairy products.
Independently of the meal that you choose, he eats small quantities. It increases the daily physical activity. It is advisable to do exercise during half an hour.

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