The relaxation skills are a resource extensively used to confront the stress and to be prepared before the operations. They are relatively easy, and they have no contraindications. If you manage to practise them regularly, soon you will begin noticing its benefits.

The relaxation can help in the control of the side effects. To practise every day a few minutes of relaxation reduces the tension and the general discomfort. To dedicate ten minutes a day is sufficient to notice the benefits.

There are many skills of relaxation that can be used. Next we show the skill of deep respiration for being easy and rapid of learning. To obtain the biggest benefit, he trains and practises every day.

It realizes the exercises especially in the days before to the revenue in the hospital, in the transfer to the operating theater, in the waiting room of the consultation, etc., that is to say, in those occasions in which major anxiety appears.

It chooses a calm place where you could be to alone during a few minutes, with a tenuous light that favors the relaxation. Lie down and take from yourself the belt or other pledges that could oppress you, close the eyes:

It tries that during a few minutes no idea occupies your mind. If thoughts appear do not grant importance to them. Little by little they will be disappearing. Simply, he enjoys of a few moments of calmness.
He breathes of slow, deep and regular form. It takes air as the nose slowly and tries to do as if you were lowering it towards the abdomen, inflating it. While you do it, maintain the air during approximately four seconds and then expel it for the mouth very slowly.
He imagines a relaxing situation, can be the putting sun in the mountain or the vision of the waves moving gently in the sea.
Center on this image during a few minutes fixing the attention in all the aspects that compose the image. Concentrate on the sensations that you experience, heat, placidity, calmness … enjoys them.
It repeats these steps during approximately eight or ten minutes.

If you observe that you do not obtain the wished effects, it consults with a psychologist who could advise you on the correct way of realizing it.

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We propose to you to learn to relax you with the help of these recordings in audio.

They correspond to three types of relaxation:

It helps to perceive the relaxation observing the contrast of sensations that are experienced on having tightened and destensar voluntarily the different muscular groups.
To facilitate the achievement of every exercise we will indicate you with the word “Now” the moment in which you must tighten the muscles, and with the word “Relax” the moment in which you must begin to release them.

Do not force the tension until it turns out to be uncomfortable or painful, press only the muscles to make her more clear.

Indicated for persons with major difficulty of concentrating.

Not indicated for persons with high blood pressure.

In case muscular pains are endured, it is recommended not to exercise pressure in the muscles with pain.

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