How to prevent cancer?

Although many think that this condition cannot be avoided, there are many measures to help control whether it appears or progresses. Carolina Wiesner, director of the National Institute of Cancerology explains what they are.
The cancer is increasing. The most recent figures indicate that in the world there are 14 million of new cases and in 2030 there will be 21 million. In Colombia, between 60 and 70000 new cases are diagnosed each year and in 2035 that figure will increase to 153,000 cases. For 2050 these will triple. The reason is that people today live longer and age is a risk factor for cancer. In addition, individuals have changed their lifestyle and today the environment in which they live favors more the emergence of these types of tumors.

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Although that may sound bleak, the message of the institutions working in the fight against cancer is positive. There are advances in treatment that make this group of diseases not a death sentence as it was before. In addition prevention and early detection have become important allies to keep you under control.

Prevention is important because one-third of the cancer disease is estimated to be avoided by controlling risk factors, policy changes, community conditions, and individual behavior. A concrete example is tobacco and in fact, according to Carolina Wiesner, director of the National Institute of Cancerology, with the anti-smoking policies that were adopted in the country, as well as the decision of the smokers to quit, the death rate of cancer was reduced as Ociados to this consumption, such as the larynx oral cavity, larynx esophagus and lung.

Early detection is another form of prevention because it is shown that there are types of cancer that has previous stages (pre-cancer) and if it is detected and treated it is avoiding its occurrence. The classic example of this is colon and rectum cancer, because before it manifests, asymptomatic polyps form in the intestine that may have imperceptible bleeding. “But with a test that is known as occult blood in feces can be detected. When the test is positive the patient undergoes a colonoscopy and if a polyp is seen it is removed. That single action prevents the emergence of cancer, “says Wiesner. The same goes for cervical cancer, which starts with pre-cancer. If you make treatment of this is being done prevention.

A test to detect cancer recurrence

According to the official it is not easy to instill prevention among people because their result is intangible. Many who today do not have lung cancer or larynx are free of this disease thanks to anti-smoking policies. But no one realizes it, “only the indicators,” says Wiesner. In addition, it is often difficult to implement preventive measures. Physical activity, for example, is difficult for those who come to work at seven o’clock in the Mañnaa and return home at 9 p.m. “Eating fruits and vegetables is another measure but it is not fulfilled if they are not available on the job site, or if there is junk food in the schools.”

The reality is that it takes an effort from all sectors to control cancer. “That’s why the message on this day is ‘ I can, we can.We all have to put a bit of sand because transforming habits is not easy,” says Wiesner.

Actions that reduce the risk of cancer are:

No Smoking: It is confirmed that tobacco smoke increases the risk of certain types of cancer such as the lung, esophagus, oral cavity, and larynx.
Getting vaccinated against HPV: The human papilloma virus is the cause of cervical cancer. Therefore vaccinating girls and adolescents against this virus significantly decreased the likelihood that it will suffer from this evil in the future, as the vaccine covers two of the 15 most frequent and aggressive viruses
Hepatitis B vaccine: Another virus that causes liver cancer is hepatitis B. But there is a vaccine to prevent this infection.
Exercising: Helps regulate weight and suppress stress, among other benefits
Balanced eating: To include in the diet many fruits and vegetables because they help to clean the body, it is also recommended to reduce the consumption of red meats and to lower the intake of processed foods.
Having weight according to your size: Obesity has been associated with a higher risk of cancer and, together with balanced eating, is recommended not to develop other chronic diseases.
Alcohol in moderation: this simple measure avoids all types of cancer
No to exposure to the sun: Do not expose yourself to lightning at times of maximum radiation and use sunblinds is the golden rule to limit the risk of skin cancer.
Reduce exposure to asbestos and other occupational carcinogens: reduce asbestos something that has not been achieved but this prevents some, Wiesner says that meeting them will not guarantee that the cancer does not appear because people have seen healthy lifestyle that develops l To sickness. But it is worth trying because the differences in risk are clear. Some of the strategies that prevent cancer also help to control the appearance of other chronic diseases, so following these guidelines is a good bet.

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