Gianluca Vialli: “I don’t know how this game against cancer is going to end”

Although he is back in shape after a year fighting this disease, the Italian footballer still does not know what will happen to his health. His second book talks about these and other challenges in his life.
The Exattacker of Juventus and Chelsea Gianluca Vialli revealed on Monday the newspaper Il Corriere de la sera that last year was diagnosed with cancer and was fighting that disease. The ex-Footballer of 54 years, who is currently a successful sports commentator, said that, although he has recovered his physique and is today in great shape, “I’m not sure how this game will end “.

Vialli began his career in the early 1980 in Cremonese, in northern Italy, before moving on to play for Sampdoria and Juventus. With the Genoese club he won his first series a title, as well as the European Cup and three Italian cups. In 1992 signeded by Juventus, with whom he disputed four seasons. With those in Turin he raised another league title in 1995 and the Champions ‘ championship the following year before leaving for the English Chelsea. After getting the FA Cup in 1997 with the ‘ Blues ‘ he became coach-player of the team towards the end of the next season, winning the European Cup and the league.

Vialli has just published his second book, ‘ Objectives, 98 stories + 1 to face the hardest challenges ‘ in which he tells how that ordeal was. The story number 99 is precisely the most unknown, which was his experience with this dreaded evil. It is a text that gathers moments of his life when he had to go through crucial intersections. “Now I’m fine, very well indeed “, clarified this crack that played 59 matches with the Italian team’s T-shirt. He adds that he hopes that those who buy his book will leave it on the nightstand so that they can read one or two stories before bedtime or in the morning when they wake up.

The Exfootballer kept his illness secret and even if he wanted not to divulge it was never impossible “it was difficult and it was difficult to tell others, my family. You never want to hurt the people you love the most: my parents, my brothers and my sister, my wife Cathryn and our children Olivia and Sofia, “he told the Italian newspaper. He added that at first he felt ashamed, as if the illness had occurred because of him. “I considered it a simple phase of my life that I had to live with courage and from which I had to learn something. He wanted to be the same Vialli they knew, “he explains, and that’s why he always wore a sack over his shirt so no one would notice anything. “Then I decided to tell my story and include it in the book.”

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The New Hope Against cancer

Vialli espera inspirar a otros que pasan por este tipo de situación. Por eso menciona una frase clave que lo ayudó durante el tratamiento y que el colgó en un post it amarillo en la pared: “somos el producto de nuestro pensamiento”. Explica que lo importante no es ganar sino pensar en forma victoriosa. “La vida está hecha en un 10 por ciento de lo que pasa y en un 90 por ciento de cómo manejos eso que nos pasa”.

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