Who we are

This pretty project was created from real experiences and anecdotes of a team of professionals of the area of the health that I gave one in our phase of professional practices in geriatric centers, we observe how the illnesses consume the life of the persons that more we love, doing that its sail of the life every day is consumed increasingly; our team is integrated by the doctors, nurses and assistants who helped us every day in your visits to the Hospital.

Our intention is that this space serves to find trustworthy information about the illnesses treatments symptomatology mesotelioma in him world degenerative illnesses between others, in order to open a new communication channel with all and each of the patients and relatives who cross for some type of these pathologies.

Therefore the target of this space, directed to patients with illness in general and illnesses that take lives.

the fact is that its relatives and other persons interested by the matter, it is possible to offer them information to improve the knowledge of these illnesses and its determinants.
Never one tries to replace the relation with the professionals of the team of health.

we would like attending and improving the quality of life of the persons affected by these illnesses, promoting all that that is considered adapted to relieve the effects of the same ones.

Do not hesitate to raise suggestions to us on the topics that he would like that we try on the web page in the form to contact ourselves gray-key.com nearby Superior of this page.

The e-mail addresses that it provides across this form will be used exclusively to communicate us with you in necessary case and they will not be spread in any case.
Be careful and do not include in messages and personal information not medical that could be considered to be sensitive.

Also, before making a comment, it checks the following tag norms:

Do not write offensive comments or with advertizing ends.
Adhere to the topic of the article in question.

Do not write in capital letters, it is as if you were shouting.
It uses appropriately the language.

It takes care of the grammar and the spelling.

Your comment will not be published immediately because it will be moderated, have a little of patience.

Ethical essentials

Inside the original fundamental ends of
web page gray-key.com and of the group of professionals in health now emphasized in its roll as publishers are:

TO SPREAD: across this way all the updated information that could be of interest or could come to the affected families.
INVESTIGATION: promotion of the investigation for the sake of obtaining a professional implication of those sectors of the medicine related to the pathologies mesotelioma

INFORMATION. The web page will face the persons interested by the illness and of the actions that the same one redeems.
With the intention of which this web page gray-key.com
serve as keystone to all the persons affected by another illness as well as the union and effort reach achievements for the benefit of all.