Privacy Policy.

In we are compromised to protect you and to your dears. As part of this protection, we inform you that the personal details that you provide to us are treated by absolute confidentiality and that we are provided with the sufficient accident control measures to guarantee the protection of your personal details in fidelity to the Federal Law of Protection of Personal details in Possession of the Individuals. For it, we put at your disposal our Notice of Privacy.

Use of personal Information that we compile

On having shared its content with relatives and friends across to sending hsitorias or articles about life and experiences lived with some type of illness that has happened to him in its life or in that of some relative, it can you prop to take part of the services of forums and plenary session of comments.

Also we use personal information to help us to create, develop, to transmit life anecdotes and so to improve our communication with our readership doing of this one much more lively and that comes from heart to many other persons.

Occasionally, we can use its personal information to send important notifications, like communications on our content and changes in our terms, conditions and politics.
Because this information is important for its interaction with our web site, it can choose not to receive these communications.

Compilation and use of not personal information

Also we compile information of a form that the direct association allows with no person in particular. We can compile, use, transfer and spread not personal information for any intention. The following ones are some examples of not personal information that we compile and how we can use it:

We can compile information as occupation, language, ZIP code, code of area, the only identifier of device, URL of reference, place and hourly area where it is deposited to our web site is done by us to improve our content and to satisfy the needs of our readership.

We can compile and store the details of how it uses our services, including the search consultations. This information can be used to improve the relevancy of the results provided by our services. Except in cases limited to guarantee the quality of our services in the Internet, above mentioned information it will collaborate to its direction IP.

attentively its friendly team of