Cookie Policy

Websites, online services, interactive applications, emails and advertising may use cookies and other technologies, such as web tags used by this website; are of great interest to the group of publishers that tirelessly we bet to raise and after that designs technological articles and everything related to apple technology, as a basis to solve problems that have to do with the world of the technology

therefore we strain for

we compile and to use the information as we indicate in our privacy politics, with entire transparence and professionalism. One of the forms in which we compile information is across the use of the technology called “cookies”. In we use cookies for several things.

therefore for you knowing is key that A “cookie” is a small quantity of text that is stored in your navigator when you sail along most of the web sites. And that serves to store and to recover information of your habits of navigation or your team, and can be used to recognize you.

on this web page there does not collaborate any type of information that associates you like person but to your web navigator. In fact, if you usually sail with the navigator Chrome and try to sail along the same web with the navigator Firefox, you will see that the web does not realize that it is you who are the same person because in fact it is associating the information with the navigator, not to the person.

We use cookies to know:

Who and when is navigating a human being or an automated application, when there sails an anonymous registered user and one, basic tasks for the functioning of any dynamic web.

To gather information about the type of navigation that you realize, the sections that more it uses, consulted products, time zone of use, language, etc.

To show the publicity according to your navigation, your country of origin, language, etc.

What cookies uses this web?

Cookies Preference: these cookies he allows us to remind your adjustments and preferences, like the favorite language and your configuration of privacy.

Cookies Safety: We use cookies to avoid safety risk safety risks. Principally to detect when someone is trying to gain access illicitly to Cookies of third
Due to the nature of our services, you have to bear in mind that we prove functionalities and resources of third (hardware CATHEDRAL, plugins, analysis programs, etc) to analyze them and to be able to use them later in our services, and this I could modify occasionally our configuration of cookies and the appearance of cookies that in this politics are not detailed.

It is important that you understand that these cookies are occasional and that not always he can report of them. And especially that only have a purpose of evaluation and study.