Frequent questions.

What is the format and the period of publication of the news and articles?

The publications do every week to themselves and in line. This does not allow to assume the extracted expenses of it and obtain difucion rapid, effective and international use of the digital way

How does the Web page work?

the web page works to keep informed patients and affected direct or by implication of mesotelioma in cuanquier case that could appear with a group of profecionales of the health we are trabajndo 24/7 to be able to offer information edges and eficas to all our users

Can the articles be reproduced? it is published in full web servants and is examined under the magnifying glass of a group of professional experts of the medicia Therefore, this implies that the rights of its contents cannot be reproduced and not be distributed or its entire or partial impression.

How can I publish on this Web page?

The articles reception is opened continuously for articles related to Actulidad, much in spite of this it is published every week, can communicate with us to send its article, enters the review process our Group of experts and Porsterior This, we indicate route the e-mail that its article selected and if he prefers so serápara the publication. Logically we grant all the credits as the editor.

How can I be with you?

In any moment if he loves him it can write and fill our form of contact described in one of our pages at first, if he wishes it also to be able to leave to us comments about which it found this content or other, which is its point of view, We are Opened for you, we are leaders in the reaction like an engine of search of the world

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